OpenProducer is an open set of tools that enable and empower musicians, media makers, broadcasters, publishers and others who produce.

Key Features

Mobile First Design Tools

Responsive, Mobile-first Theme
Upload Graphics and Pick Color Schemes
Choose Page Layouts and Style Page Elements


Live Interactive Playlists
Program & spot scheduling
Live Broadcast
Listener Statistics and Reporting
Built-in Podcast feed
Import and Broadcast Podcasts


Per-Program Crowdfunding
One-Click Donations
Peer to Peer Campaigns

Newsletter Management

Signup form and widget
Easy import/export contacts and mailing lists
Create incentives such as exclusive site access


Customizable Video Player
Live Streaming
Analytics and Reporting


Member Profiles, Favorites, Social Network Links 
Chat, Annotations, and Commenting

Quizzes, Lists, and polls
Embed and Share Content Anywhere


 No Licensing Fees

As with all open source, the software is free. You spend your money on what you want - not on recurring licensing fees.

No Vendor Lock-In

It's open source, no one vendor controls the development of the software, which means true flexibility to customize your needs.

Constant Innovation

The open source community works together to create, improve, and extend functionality allowing you to respond to emerging web trends. Innovate with less without relying on a vendor.

Collaborate with Us

OpenProducer is a Drupal based platform built and sustained by a global coalition of publishers and media providers. As coalition members, we develop new features and functionality by working with independent musicians, broadcasters, publishers and providers of complementary open tools. This collaboration allows us to develop a hosted platform while contributing back to the projects we build upon.

To help sustain our effort, we're using OpenCollective to provide a clear and transparent way for organizations and community members to contribute to the project. Benefits include sponsor recognition, early access to our hosted platform, to site customization and training.

OpenProducer Collective members and partners provide custom development and design services for OpenProducer and other open technologies. Please contact us if you have a question or specific need.